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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Birds of a Feather

I love to identify the wildlife I spot when I'm on holidays. Especially mammals or tropical fish. I'm not that much of a birdwatcher. Perhaps because those birds usually don't sit still and wait for me to take their picture.

There can be some intrinsic fun with African birds as well. It may even turn into an African Hobby for me!
It may be fun watching Mannikins showing the latest birdfashion and avoiding the catwalk in Africa for sure. They don't want to end up as a Cordon-Bleu for the first feline they encounter.

Still, it's more fun to have the all too Familiar Chat about Tits and Boobies. And perhaps let things get a bit Ruff, so you will end up Thick-Knees.

I'm sure the Zanzibar Bishop would be Plain Swift with expression his discontent. I'm merely a Babbler, just talk and no action.
I know, I still don't really Love Birds...
Just Go-Away Birds! I'd rather see a Wild Ass out there.

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