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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Carrying my stuff around

Some people tell me: "Hey, Schaapmans. You keep on repeating and complaining on Twitter and your blog about the amount of stuff you are packing for your trip. How are you carrying all your stuff around? A nice big Samsonite or L. Vuitton suitcase?" Some people even wondered if I'd have my private permanent Sherpa's carrying all my stuff.

Well, I have no intentions of flying over any Sherpa's from Asia. And dragging around suitcases is sooo 1872 Selous game expedition. We're beyond that!

For my day pack I have my Lowepro DryZone Rover. Waterproof sealed lower compartment for all my camera equipment. Upper compartment has a Hydrapak water container, so you can drink from a tube while you are on the move. It also has an expandable flap with a 'bucket', so you can carry your tripod (or monopod in my case) on your backpack.

All my other stuff - including voluminous sleeping mat and sleeping bag - will be carried around in a Macpac Torlesse 65. Very practical; top compartment accessible from the top and both sides. Bottom compartment and top compartment separated by a zip-away divider. Quite comfy to wear. Only have to figure out what to do with the six-loop daisy chain. It's not that I'm climbing... Anybody who knows practical use, please leave a comment :-)

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