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Friday, August 7, 2009

Technology meshup

So, now I have most of my technology bits and pieces working.
All those social networking and blog sites are quite heavy on JavaScript, images and AJAX scripts. On an old computer in East Africa, with an outdated version of Internet Explorer and a modem I don't expect quick loading and rendering of those websites.
On my server I've created a light weight page. That one will load very fast. From there I can easily update all my statuses, blogs, etc.

You won't notice it... But what it can do underwater... I can select where I want my message to go to. Using my blogger mail to post to this Blogger blog and another blog. I can also update my Hyves blog. Hyves is the largest Social Networking site in The Netherlands. Using Twitter Mail to send statuses to Twitter. Twitter automatically updates my Facebook status. Optionally through Twwwitter my Hyves Wie Wat Waar status can be updated with a Twitter post.

The only thing I have not working yet is doing all of the above through SMS...

I also made sure that the heavy Google Map in the left column, with all my possible locations, won't load if you are from Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda or Tanzania. Saves me some bandwidth if I visit my blog from East Africa :-)

Now let's hope I occasionally run into an internet café... And have some mobile phone coverage in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.

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