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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 39: Encounters

Friday 9 October was the day of funny encounters. Apparently a lot of people staying at the YMCA are not here for holidays.
Three Dutch girls work in a hospital, they are student nurses. Two Canadian girls with Indian roots are medical students, working in a hospital here for 8 weeks. The Dutch girl I met - in the company of an Australian girl, English guy and a Philipino guy - work in a lab in a hospital in the south of Tanzania. And the two Canadian girls I had dinner with, well. Kind of on holidays. One of them is Canadian with Chinese roots from the Philipines. On holidays. The other one has Polish roots, but now lives in Kenya in a small town village after an exchange program. Had to leave Kenya - and East Africa for that matter - for immigration resident visa thingies. The two Canadian girls are both from Vancouver and grew up in the same neighbourhood.
It's a small world!

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