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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 54: Dancing

Saturday 24 October.
Time for some dancing. Did not do any proper dancing since I was in Africa. Yesterday a bit.
The good places are on Dar's northern peninsula. So that was where I was heading.
First went to Q-Bar. Typical place. Men hanging around, watching sports on the numerous screens. Women - well, women in business - walking to the bathroom (ah, just call it toilets) and back, pretending to have a goal but the money of one of those Wazungu. By now I see a pattern: where there are a lot of people with money - that is more than the average Tanzanian makes - there are girls walking around. Was a bit boring in Q-Bar, so moved on.
I ended up a bit early in Garden Bistro. Nice place. Sports on the big screen. Not so nice. Well, gave me something to do. The music would not start until 23:00 and crowded only way after midnight.
Nice mix of people there. You had some groups of expats. Some Asians. Quite some Indians - who love to dance actually. Some locals. The occasional tourist. And nonetheless a bunch of prostitutes. Where prostitute is a grey area. A lot of girls have too tight, slutty or reveiling clothes for normal Dar standards. But just some of them are actively approaching men. Dancing, shaking their ass, making conversation, flirting, rubbing asses against men. Most girls are just dancing with friends / colleagues. Seems to me for them it's just business on the side. Not their everyday job.
The music was varied as well. Some reggaeton, some Tanzanian hiphop. Some western hiphop, recent and older dance and house classics. Indian dance house (not really Bhangra). Some techno.
Talked with some local people, met one Dutch guy from yesterday's expat rooftop party as well.
I did a lot of dancing. Fun! Long time ago I did that. Danced with some Indian guys who had their moves. Well, some did. Fun nevertheless. Explained a stubbern but pretty prostitute that I'm not into that stuff at all. And she played innocent, just wanted to offer me a drink. Yup. And expect me to pay for horizontal services later. Not in my lifetime.
As the evening progressed, the number of drunk hookers was getting higher. Well, they are also just girls in their early 20s having a night out. And if somebody wants to dance with me, better move along with me. If you are a drunken skinny girl in business, it's not charming if you can't really dance. Hell, she could not move streight and was almost falling over.
Then there is this older Indian guy with moustache that grabs every young girl he can find. A bit too much all over them. They tolerate up to a certain degree, since it may be business... Fun to observe all behaviour. At the end of the evening, most girls seemed to have no business yet. Or they had returned from sneaking out? Don't know.
Loved the dancing, danced for hours. Ended the evening sober (between 9 and 5 I had only 4 beers). Had fun, was quite late. Back at the hostel at 5:00. This time I managed to wake up the security guard who let me in. Sweet. Tipped him a bit. Had some sleep.

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