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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 59: Irente Viewpoint

16:02, 29 October.
Today I did a nice walk to Irente viewpoint together with a Spanish guy and our guide.
A nice walk around the villages in the western Usambara Mountains. See the banana trees, fields with cabbages, pieces of forests, rocks, people from all the villages walking to Lushoto for the big Market Day.
You also see the results of local development projects, aided by German organisation and the Dutch SNV. Like schools for blind and autistic people (there was an albino kid walking around the blind school; good place to live in peace without people judging you by your albinoness). Projects to retain soil on farm hills (by planting a certain type of trees between the crops). Good stuff! And my hike was a contribution as well.
Relaxing walk to the Irente Viewpoint. Which is really great. You are at a high viewpoint at the edge of the mountains. You can overlook the flat Masai steppes. Vast plains with just an occasional mountain. You see all the villages and the Dar es Salaam to Arusha highway. Sisal plantations next to the main road. Great to sit there for a while at the rocky peak and drink a Stoney Tangawizi you bought earlier. Borrowed the wide angle lens of the Spanish guy. If you want to have a moment to use a fisheye lens, this was the right moment. And luckily he had a fisheye lens and a Canon camera :-)
On the way back we stopped at Irente farm for lunch. This farm run by a South African - Swedish couple also supports local projects. And they make great goat cheese, quark with herbs, rye bread and more. Tasty lunch!
Afterwards an easy descending walk back to town. Made a detour through the big market. Fun and colourful. Local produce, second hand clothes, meters of soap, dried fish. It's all there.
And now just a few minutes of internet. Pole pole. Slow internet.

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