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Friday, October 23, 2009

Herd of Elands - Selous GR, Tanzania

Elands - see one of the posts before I left for the Moose confusion - are the largest Antelopes. They can weigh about the same as a Buffalo. And they are huge.
Quite funny that they are very skittish as well. What's there to fear? Anyways, they always run off when they hear a vehicle or spot humans. I did not see them but in the far distance like in Masai Mara. Now we were a bit more lucky. Perhaps at 50-70m. Can't guess distances.
For those who like to do maths:
Photo taken with Canon EOS 350D (lookup the resolution and specifics), with 200mm maximum zoom (use the conversion to correct for this non-full frame body) and from the books or Wikipedia you can find the size of the Elands. Take the portion of the image of the Eland and you should be able to calculate the distance the photo is taken...
Please comment the answer!

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