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Friday, October 23, 2009

Martial Eagle attacking young Impala - Mikumi NP, Tanzania

23 October 2009 - Mikumi National Park, Tanzania
This is one of those rare moments.
A lot of times you see a raptor flying over. You try to make a photo. It usually fails. The vehicle you are in is driving, you move your camera, the raptor is moving, you can't get it right in the frame, it's not focused, it's too far away. This time we stopped for a group of lions under a tree. I saw a raptor coming towards us. I started to shoot photos. Trying to focus while moving the camera. The raptor, a Martial Eagle, was coming down. Saw it land on the dry grass. Only then I saw the young impala fleeing after a short squeek. Turns out I have several pictures of the attack. This is the only one in the series that's reasonably sharp, not so much moved and well focused.
The Eagle just missed the young Impala. In the series of photos - I'll try to blog them later, already uploaded smaller versions of the photos - you can see the Impala dive away.
This is to me a fairly unique shot. The Eagle just fully visible from the right angle. Claws stretched out, Impale diving away.
I cropped this photo so the scene is well visible.
Ah, the moments :-) Every safari has its moments and this is certainly one that made my Mikumi NP safari!

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