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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 73: Country Count 6

How many countries can you visit in 24h on your way home?
Well, Ethiopean Airlines helped to maximize it.
I first had the 'Circle Line'. Not the London Subway. The plane. When I entered the plane in Kilimanjaro International Airport with destination Addis Ababa, there were folks who just came with the same plane from Addis Ababa on their way to Mombassa in Kenya.
First stop Zanzibar. Almost counts as a separate country (poltically and historically it kind of is).
Next stop Mombassa in Kenya - Count(ry) 2.
Then on to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia - Count(ry) 3.
By the way, the first class was 2 rows behind first class. Talking about a 'dead mus'...
Waitng a few hours. Flight to Paris, France - Count(ry) 4.
And in Paris standing still for over 2h. They messed up the luggage, had to sort it.
Then on to Brussels, Belgium - Count(ry) 5. The supposed time of arrival depended on what pirnt you have. My plane was over 30m late, for another guy just on time... By now I gladly could say Ethiopean Airlines goodbuy. The did gve me the requested leg space though. A lot. Could put my feet up against the board in front of me whle half laying down. Reasonably comfy.
Next is the train from Brussels to Rotterdam. I'll spare my comments about Belgian railways and information supply for now.
Rotterdam, The Netherlands - Count(ry) 6. Will be there in 25m.

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