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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Photo Day 62: Girl Power

Saturday October 31. Usambara Mountains, Tanzania.
That morning we climbed Mazumbai Peak in the pristine Mazumbai Forest, an untouched montane rainforest.
After lunch we walked for another hour to get out of the forest. The rest of the hike was over the hills and through tiny villages, steap farm lands, rocks and mud to the town of Bumbuli. There are no roads, just the small foot-by-foot paths used by villagers.

White people are very uncommon there. If there is twice a week a white person, mzungu, walking in that area I'm already exagurating. Children are afraid of white people. They run away. If they are bold enough, they shoot 'mzungu' and duck or hide. And two mzungu is of course even scarier.

It took us at least 5 minutes for 2 kids to believe we were not going to eat them - even mom was scared by our presence - but that we were just trying to show them the photos we took of them. After 5 minutes they dared to come within a meter of our stretched arms holding the cameras.

In the end, on a distance, this young girl stood on the rock on the top of the hill. Challenging us. Still a bit afraid, but bold and full of bollocks. Girl power!

1 comment:

  1. Merkwaardig verhaal. Heel mooi meisje. En haar pose en de uitdagende uitdrukking. Als je het verhaal dat erachter zit kent is de foto nog merkwaardiger.