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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tanzania Quiz

The "What have you been doing in Tanzania?" Quiz.

What is your first association with the following words:

... Safari
a) Beer
b) I'm planning my next wildlife adventure
c) A sweet, tropical alcoholic mix drink
d) A trip in the dalladalla

... Simba
a) Lion! I know Swahili. Love their lazy lifestyle!
b) The Simba Koppies in Serengeti. Good memories!
c) Lion King was great!
d) Hey, yesterday I was in one of their buses!

... Kilimanjaro
a) Beer
b) Uhuru Peak
c) Mountain
d) Water

... Moto
a) I prefer my beers baridi
b) My motto: "Leave nothing, take only pictures"
c) Hello ...? Yes, I like clamshell phones
d) I haven't had a warm shower yet

... Tusker
a) Beer
b) Big elephants
c) A kind of dried bush meat
d) N'dovu ;-) I speak my languages!

... Jambo
a) Mambo Jambo!
b) Jambo!
c) That's Swahili, right?
d) Sijambo! Answering with Jambo is stupid; I have no problems

... Serengeti
a) Beer
b) I saw a leopard at the Masai Koppies
c) Great documentary on National Geographic Channel!
d) Took the Mwanza - Arusha express through it

... Karibu!
a) Another beer is very welcome
b) Welcome!
c) Great to see those herds of karibu (reindeer) in Canada on tv
d) Asante sana!

Look what you answered the most (a, b, c or d) and go to the results below.

Mostly a):
Your only goal seems to be to get to the next place where they sell beer. You happen to be one of those mid-twenty British that do an overland beer-safari?

Mostly b):
You are the classical safari tourist, visiting the main attractions. You love the wildlife and the experience from your 4x4 and lodges. You don't want to mingle with the locals too much. You're here for the nature!

Mostly c):
Have you actually ever been to Tanzania? It's fine. Just watch tv and read a blog.

Mostly d):
You are the budget backpacker. You've seen all of Tanzania but the parks. They are too expensive. You speak a bit of KiSwahili by now and hang out with locals at local places. Not sure whether that is because you are so interested in Tanzanian people or because it's the cheapest way to get around. Don't bargain everything down to the bare bottom. The idea of tourism is to bring some money to the country and local economies.