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Friday, November 27, 2009

Weird Traffic

Ok. Sometimes it's interesting to see how many visitors your blog has. How many pageviews. And also how people end up on your blog.
There's one I did not get.
Somebody came in via a Google search. Good enough, quite standard. Via Sweden, less common. They were doing a blogsearch. Didn't know you could search particularly through blogs. But Google has many tools I've never seen (I only use Google in Klingon and Google Sets). Ok. Blogsearch. Fine. From Sweden. Ok. They were searching for... "verstuikte enkel" (sprained ankle). Like. What?
Blogsearch in Swedish for the Dutch phrase "verstuikte enkel". Highly illogical as Spock would say (to stay in Klingon context).
That people end up here on this blog looking for 'schaapmans', makes sense. Some Africa, Tanzania or photo related search keywords. I can buy in to that.
But verstuikte enkel from Sweden?
Well, the visitor ended up with the blog post Nutteloze Dingen Met Nut. I hope he or she enjoyed the story :-)

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