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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My travel locations in Google Maps / GeoNames

If you see this earth icon in the right column with the Background Information, you can click it. It will redirect you to the map of that location. The easiest way to find out where I am! Just zoom out to get the overview.

You can use the Background Info column for finding out more about the places I might be visiting (just watch out for me mentioning a certain place in my blog posts). The links direct to the relevant Wikipedia page. The earth icon redirects to that location in GeoNames, which uses Google Maps.

I'll keep blogging from Africa as light weight as possible. I won't have much internet access and won't spend my time online looking up all kind of background info. That's why I do the preparation upfront :-) I'll also be (trying to) blog via SMS. I've made a nice setup for doing that.

Next: Africa

On this blog I will post my adventures and whereabouts of my trip through East-Africa.
I'll start off with a 24 day organized trip through Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. Next will be almost 6.5 weeks travelling around Tanzania. To start with diving on Zanzibar.