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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 26: Mama Africa

Just had happy hour cocktail for 3EUR in upclass bar. Now as only white tasty dinner in local place for 1EUR.

Day 26: Turtle

1st #dive mwah, 2nd great. 6 Giant Red #Octopus, 2 cuttlefish, turtle, lion -, leaf -, crocodile -, scorpion fish.

Day 26: Masai

Masai walk around with a stick. Same at local hangout. All Masai around the pool table, carrying a stick (queue).

Day 26: First Dive

12:16 At 13h I'm off for 2 dives with East Africa #Diving. Now lunch, 2nd Stoney Tangawizi soda. Cloudy here.

Day 26: Quiet

9:28 Nungwi is the party place, not for quiet relaxing. It's quit now, low season; Ramadan just finished. #h

Day 26: Stoney Tangawizi

10:16 1 Internet cafe, no connection. Having #Stoney #Tangawizi, sharp ginger tasting (JO will like it).

Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 25: Capoeira

18:23 Just played some sunset capoeira on the beach with 2 Zanzibari who knew some breakdance, little #capoeira.

Day 25: Nungwi

9:48 Stay at basic Jambo Brothers Beach Bungalows. Next to East Africa Diving <a href=""></a>

Day 25: To Nungwi

9:04 In the 8:00 minibus to #Nungwi. Baobab trees along the road. Let's find a nice place to stay.. #Zanzibar

Day 24: Localize it!

22:36 Went with art gallery owner Anita to the local food market, Babu Chai for tea and a local bar. Great fun!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 24: Art!

Between all souvenir stores a genuine art gallery! My treat, great woodcut prints. <a href=""></a>

Day 24: Lunch!

Let's have some lunch, hungry. And find an ATM, no useable banks in Nungwi, so need some cash to go around.
And I'm only going to pay half the internet price. The standard should be TSh 500 for 30m, they charge TSh 1000. It's not really working, so I'll pay TSh 500. Don't convert into euros or you'll be embarrassed ;-)

Day 24: No Photos

Not a chance I can upload a photo. I can't even write a mail. Thank god I created this light weight page on my server from where I can post to this blog. That way some text comes through. Can't even load the Flickr Upload page after 30 attempts in an hour...

Blogging: what the #?

You might see quite some # before #words on my blog. If you were wondering what that's all about: my blogging-via-SMS does not only go to my blog, but also to Twitter. And putting a # in front of a word makes it a keyword people can search for. It's that simple.

The Shower Puzzle

There is a dilemma in East Africa. In most places water is a scarce resource. A lot of draught going on, many dry regions. And if there is water in some abundancy, *clean* water is the problem. So you have to be conscious about the amount of water you use.
That's where the dilemma comes in. If you take a shower, you don't want to waste a lot of water. No half an hour zombieing under the waterfall of warm water. Just functional. Turn off the tap when you can and do stuff that does not require water.
But here it comes.
You'd like to have a warm shower, not a cold one. So you open the warm water tap. The one with a red mark or a H (hot). For this story it does not matter if you are taking a shower on a primitive camp site or in a top-end hotel. You let the water out of the warm water tap flow until you feel it's getting warm. But it's not getting warm. Is there no warm water? Does it take a long time before the warm water flows through all the ducts to your shower? Or is it the wrong tap? There is no logic in a Hot and Cold tap. The Cold tap could be the Hot tap. So after some time, you close the Hot tap and open the Cold tap. Then you wait. Again. The Cold tap might be the Hot tap. The puzzle is about when to close the Cold tap again and do try the Hot tap again, since it might be the right one for hot water. But you don't want to waste too much water. How much water should you waste before you can conclude what is the Hot tap or that there is no warm water after all? Especially it's getting embarrassing when there is a guy shoving wood into an oven that heats a small oil drum of water to get you warm water. He is working. You are waiting for warm water. And the water might not be heated yet...
I have not figured out the optimum of the Shower Puzzle. So far I managed to shower reasonably warm. On the occasion cold (at the coldest place: the edge of the Ngorongoro crater).

Day 23: Stone Town by Night

Woensdag 23 september - In Malindi Guesthouse ingecheckt. Gedoucht. Op pad voor een drankje. Kijken of ik wat Wazunga (blanken) tegenkom. De receptionist van het Guesthouse wees me de richting op van een bar. Het Guesthouse zit al in het uiterste noordpuntje van Stonetown. Dit was meer noord-oost. Ook buiten de toeristische routes bleek. De bar uiteindelijk gevonden. Leeg, komt pas laat op gang. Nog een tweetal disco's voor de lokale bevolking gevonden. Eentje was al goed druk. Om 19:00... Veel jongeren op straat. Geen blanken. Uiteindelijk ruim een half uur blankenvrij rondgelopen. Het eerste het beste restaurant wat ik zag binnengelopen. Zat vol met blanken ;-) Dit was Mercury's. Naar Freddy Mercury, de zanger van Queen die op Zanzibar is geboren. Ze draaiden later op de avond zowaar nog Queen muziek ook... Blijkt Mercury's volgens de Lonely Planet een van de hippere tenten te zijn en een place to be. Bij toeval tegenaan gelopen. De avond met een Litouwer, Vitas, gesproken die hier voor werk was. Ook een IT'er. Was best gezellig. Weer wat over Litouwen geleerd :-)

Day 24: IJdele Poging

Ik ga eens een ijdele poging doen een foto. Eentje maar. Te uploaden. Elke 2e klik die ik doe resulteert in een 'page not found'. Dus verbinding ligt er steeds uit...

Day 24: Morgen Nungwi

Net geregeld dat ik een stuk goedkoper dan overal naar Nungwi kan morgen. Vertrek om 8:00 vanaf mijn Guesthouse. Duurt 1,5-2u voor ik in Nungwi ben. Nungwi ligt op de noordpunt van Zanzibar eiland. Goed voor het strand, duiken, relaxen en wat feesten. Niet slecht. Nu nog even geen zin in excursies op Zanzibar. Spice Tour, stadstour, Jozani Forest. Allemaal voor later!

Day 24: Internet

Nu even in een internet cafe. Leuke dame die slecht Engels spreekt. En internet met netwerk / DNS problemen... Eens kijken.

Day 24: Fish Market

8:52 Breakfast on the roof terrace with view and noise of the fish market and harbour. Egg too hot to peal.

Day 23: Power Outage

Zanzibar still IS Africa. Power just went out. Luckily I just returned from the bathroom with no windows.

Day 23: Mercury's

19:36 Dwelling streets for 30m, no whites, bumped into hip spot Mercury's (after Freddy) for beers and food.

Day 23: Zanzibar!

18:02 Just checked in at #Malindi #Guesthouse, north Stone Town <a href=""></a> #h

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Group vs. Alone

The group I have travelled with now is standing here in the Airport hall as well. 23 days together, all organized. Fun group, good laughs, good beer, very good wildlife. Will miss the group. New times have arrived, now travelling alone. About to go to the gate. Nothing organized, nothing planned. Just see what it brings. I only know I will spend the night in Zanzibar's capital Stone Town. The rest... Who knows? Will be weird!

African Beers

Beer brand in East Africa, especially Tanzania seem to be all related to the safari industry. Brands are called Serengeti, Safari, Tusker, Nile and Kilimanjaro 'Kili'.
Surprisingly they don't have a Giraffe beer. The Longneck Special would be a hit and beat Heineken's...

Day 23: Flight to Zanzibar

14:38 At Kilimanjaro Int. Airport. Air #Tanzania flight TC115 at 15:40. 16:50 at #Zanzibar.

Hyena Humor

If you spotted a Striped Hyena, is it then a Spotted Hyena?

Day 23: Kili Airport

Hey, they have 2 free computers with internet at Kilimanjaro International Airport. 15 minutes left before boarding.

Day 23: Oasis

8:37 After primitive camping, it's nice to stay in a #Banda at L'Oasis Lodge. <a href=""></a>

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 22: Arusha

Now driving by Arusha's coffee plantations. Lodge outside #Arusha last stop before flight to #Zanzibar tomorrow. #h

Day 22: Lion nostrils

12:13 Think #Ngorongoro Crater is overrated. Still great: moving lions at 2m and 5 legged Elephant at 3m.

Day 22: Ngorongoro Crater!

6:52 In 4x4 on our way down into the #Ngorongoro Crater. Last game drive of the organized trip.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 21: Crater Camping

17:26 At camp site at the edge of Ngorongoro Crater. Great view! Elephant just passed by the toilets.

Day 21: Ngorongoro

13:32 Mornng lions make 56 total for Serengeti. Entered Ngorongoro Conservation Area; long, hot, dry road.

Day 21: To Ngorongoro

Morning game drive Serengeti, afternoon into Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Ngorongoro Crater tomorrow.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 20 In Numbers

Brilliant! Group size: 42 Elephants; 500+ Buffalos. Totals: 32 Lions; 2 Cheetas; 1 Leopard, Serval.

Day 20: Tsee Tsee

15:49 Excellent game drive, but annoyed by Tsee Tsee flies. Just like mosquitos, they prefer to bite me.

Day 20: Unreal Leopard

7:58 300m beyond Cheetah, a Leopard with Thompson's Gazelle kill in the tree. Sweet! What's next?

Day 20: Serengeti Sunrise

6:45 First Game Drive of the day. The sun is rising after some morning drizzle. Hope it remains dry.

Day 20: Cheetah Live Kill

7:32 Just watched Cheetah kill a young Reedbuck. Mother Reedbuck upset. Cheetah still at 20m. Awesome!