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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 33: Ebony

16:08 I'm going to buy 16kg of wood and have it shipped. No tourist thing, but real art <a href=""></a> :-)

Day 33: Maki

For those who've been to #Madagascar: there's also a #Maki #Zanzibar t-shirt shop with wooden lemurs on the walls.

Day 33: Youssouf Snijden

9:12 Zo eens kijken of de houtsnijder in de Art Gallery ook een houten Youssouf kan maken...

Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 32: Forodhani

20:14 Had some nice food at the #Forodhani Gardens food market in Stone Town with Miss Art Gallery.

Day 32: Byebye Nungwi

10:00 On my way to Stone Town. Good party yesterday. Will miss the big Full Moon Party in Kendwa tomorrow.

Day 32: Trippeltrappel

s Nachts getrippel op t zeil alsof er muizen lopen. Wolfsspin moet groot zijn wil je m horen. Had 6cm poten.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 31: Local Kitchen

17:13 Standing in local kitchen may be Too Much Information. Seeing how dishes are washed and food cooked.

Day 31: Farewell party

10:15ish I'll go with Mr.BBQ into the village. Buy a fish. Cook it at Mama Africa for #farewell #party.

Day 31: October

9:03 Trip day numbers and month day numbers no longer match. A month in East #Africa now. 1.5 month to go!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 30: Underwater

14:35 Had 2 relaxing dives. Colourful #corals, Cleaning Wrasse cleaning Lion Fish. 5 Bluespotted #Stingrays.

Day 30: Diving

9:14 At 9:30 diving again. Why are all these mini ants running over my phone and hands? Friday off to Stone Town.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 29: Inevitable

20:48 Can't avoid going to Mama Africa again. Friends insist when you meet them... Mr.BBQ assisted in dinner.

Hotmail trouble

Hmmm. Hotmail is a crappy mail application. Reasonably modern computer, but Hotmail uses weird scripts so I can hardly read any mails. Can't send any mails for sure. Sorry people if you don't get a reply (SZ, mail allang gelezen, niet kunnen reageren..).

Day 29: More Photos!

Well, I managed - with a lot of patience and just browsing through my photos - to upload some more. Jolly!
What we have:
- A Chimpanzee looking down from a tree (not the best one I have, but hey, it's a chimp) - Kibale Forest NP, Uganda
- A Marabou (so ugly it becomes appealing) strolling around our breakfast place (camping in the wild) - Queen Elizabeth NP, Uganda
- A female Waterbuck with young suckling - Queen Elizabeth NP, Uganda
- Group of Hippopotamus - Maasai Mara, Kenya
- Woman working in a salt pond with reflection of the sky - Katwe Salt Lake (near Queen Elizabeth NP), Uganda

Day 29: Uploaded photos!

Hurray, managed to upload some photos. Again time out when I added titles and descriptions.
Here it goes (think I've tried to post most of these photos before, so descriptions might sound familiar...).
- Elephants coming out of a creek - Maasai Mara, Kenya
- Out of Africa (where film was shot, you know know why); Wildebeests - Crescent Island, Lake Naivasha, Kenya
- Masai Giraffe running out of the forest (taken from the balloon) - Maasai Mara, Kenya
- Coming through! Male Blackback (10y) Gorilla, passing me at 40 cm - Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda
- White water rafting on the White Nile - Jinja, Uganda (I'm the one in the right back, once red pinkish helmet, grey shirt, leaning forward)


Horeca betaalt slecht in Nederland.
Horeca voor de luxe toeristenoorden in Tanzania betaalt slechter.
Horeca voor de lokale bevolking betaalt bedroevend slecht.
Zaterdag 26 september met Joshua gesproken. Hij werkt bij Mama Africa, een lokale tent in Nungwi. Hij is er kok. Een maaltijd kost TSh 2000 (1,05 euro). Joshua woont in het restaurant en heeft kost en inwoning. Verdient zo'n TSh 50000 per maand. Dat is zo'n 13 euro. Ook voor lokale standaarden erg weinig...

Day 29: Underwater Photos

Trying to upload photos again (2nd time I type this message, since connection broke). First one is of some corals in close up (notice some spawning!). At Hunga, off the coast of Nungwi. The second is of a Common Lionfish (NL: Koraalduivel) at Mnemba Atol. No guarantees with the uploading. Already have a Page Load Error with uploading. It is Africa after all and internet goes pole pole (slowly).


If an Italian speaks, there is no difference between White Beaches and White Bitches. That's why I stay away from all those Italian resorts on Zanzibar.
(This is not the 'Italian that went to Malta joke')

Day 29: Hot.

29 September. Even the locals seek the shade. It's sunny. Very sunny and scorching hot. Luckily I was not sunburned yesterday (not). Just a bit ;-) Well, found Mr. BBQ, Shaggy and Govermenty at Mama Africa. I had a Fanta. They were testing the gin they received as a gift. Made some photos to remember them.

Day 29: Internet!

I'm now at the Z Hotel (always handy, knowing some local people like the IT Manager). Connection slow and buggy. But let's see what I can do.

Day 29: Journal

12:25 Spent morning updating my #travel #journal. Man, do I write alot. 12 pages of catching up and ongoing. #h

Day 29: Slept well

7:10 Yesterday not much more but some #sleeping and reading. No more seasickness! No diving today. #h

Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 28: Seasick

13:28 Diving Mnemba atol. Little sleep + waves result in seasick after dive 1. Kept trowing up all my bile.

Day 27: Beers

22:21 Impossible to give a round. Rajab et al. keep on buying beer. Nothing 'Make you good price', genuine great!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 27: Dating

18:46 Here in Nungwi I have a #date every evening. Spelt #DEET. Applied vigourously. Slept 3h this afternoon.

Day 27: Party

Let's see. At 22h meet Rajab, 'Mr BBQ' at The Nungwi Inn, at Mama #Africa to go to #party in town. Bit dancing.

Day 27: Diving!

13:26 2 morning dives. Rented camera. Cloudy, bad light. 2 Octopuses moving. Weedy and Mauritius #Scorpionfish!