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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hippo's all around!

So, I've uploaded a bunch of hippo photos. You can see them in the East Africa photo stream at the top of my blog.
The photos uploaded are made in Maasai Mara in Kenya, Queen Elizabeth in Uganda, Serengeti and Mikumi in Tanzania. Yeah, I also have hippo picks from Ngorongoro and Selous, but just did not upload them. You have to make some sort of selection...

For those who like the biological details:
Click a link and you'll go to the Flickr photo page for that rank in the biological classification. Or have a look in the 'Find wildlife photos' menu item on the left.

Phylum: Chordata; Vertebrates / Gewervelden
Class: Mammalia; Mammals / Zoogdieren
Order: Artiodactyla; Even-toed Ungulates / Evenhoevigen
Suborder: Cetruminantia; Ruminants, Whales and Hippos / Herkauwers, Walvissen en Nijlpaarden
Infraorder: Cetancodonta; Whales, Dolphins, Hippos / Walvissen, Dolfijnen, Nijlpaarden
Family: Hippopotamidae; Hippopotamuses / Nijlpaarden
Genus: Hippopotamus; Hippopotamuses / Nijlpaarden
Species: Hippopotamus amphibius; Hippopotamus / Nijlpaard

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