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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Schaapmans' Taxonomie

Nu ik druk bezig ben met de taxonomie van al mijn gefotografeerde dieren, zou je Schaapmans het best met de volgende wetenschappelijke naam kunnen beschrijven: Homo schapiens.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Find photos by browsing through the Biological Classification

Currently I'm in the process of organising all my photos of both Madagascar and East Africa. The photos will be tagged and categorized in a biological way: based on their place (rank) within the Biological Classification, a scientific taxonomy. So all undulates will have common tags, all primates will be put together. All photos of a certain species of baboons will be grouped.

This will make it easier to find photos of certain animals or animal groups. You only want to see elephants? Or want to find out that those weird Serengeti rock hyraxes, the tenrecs of Madagascar and elephants share a common ancestry? That will be easy!
Click to browse wildlife photos via the taxonomy
All those photos will also be a contribution to the Encyclopedia Of Life project. That way I contribute to the academic community as well by enhancing the encyclopedia with fresh photo material of sometimes rare species or unique moments. Being a biologist, I'm a curator at Encyclopedia Of Life as well. I maintain parts of the Primates sections.

In the left menu column on this blog you can click on the 'Find wildlife photos' section or the icon. It will take you to a new page, were there is an easy menu to browse through all the different ranks in the Biological Classification. From the class and order level, down to genus and species. Just click it, and you'll be taken to the appropriate Flickr photo page!

As I continue to add photos to Flickr and this blog, the taxonomy menu will be expended. For now there are only 2 species, but it will rapidly expand! I've already added a bunch of ranks (categories) (grayed out) of animals I photographed but did not publish yet. I hope you enjoy it or find it useful, any feedback is welcome!

You can go and browse animal photos via the Biological Classification menu right away!

Madagascar Day 8: Brown Mouse Lemur during nightwalk

1 August 2008. We made a nightwalk in the evening through the damp forest of Ranomafana National Park. My travel partner could not join us due to night blindsness. Strong torches, flashes or my ring lamp for my macro lens were not allowed. Only weak torches. The mammals up there have delicate eyes.

Up the hill we encountered several animals. Two groups with guides walked through each other. And there we saw this Brown Mouse Lemur. I just had the time to make a quick photo. I could not pass the crowd, so I quickly used my 300 mm lens and used the torch light of my bystanders.

These mouse lemurs are very small. And very swift. He just sat there for a mere second and it was off. I luckily had a steady shot and managed to take 2 photos.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Eurasian Collared Dove on my terrace

Well, it's not mainland Africa or the 4th largest island next to the Mozambique Channel. It's a bit more nearby.
It's still wildlife spotting. Less spectacular.
Does it count? Or should I refrain from posting any 'local' wildlife?
You tell me!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blog is Madagascar ready

So, I've added a Flickr photo stream. And now there is also in the left menu a map of where I've traveled in Madagascar.

It seems the blog is ready for some Madagascar!

Madagascar photos coming up

From 25 July till 18 August 2008 I was in Madagascar. This blog was about my adventures in East-Africa last fall. It's also about wildlife spotting.

I'll combine the two, so in the future you can also find photos and some stories about my trip to Madagascar. And finally you will see more photos of my East Africa trip!

I hope you'll enjoy it!