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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Frog Spotting: Global Amphibian Blitz

iNaturalist just contacted me to contribute my photo of the Tomato frog in Madagascar.

I'm into wildlife spotting. That's what this blog is all about. Making a contribution to science and this project is something I like to do as well. Already participate in ARKive and Encyclopedia of Life. So a good addition. I actually already was looking into a way of logging my 'spottings'. Like to have an app on my phone for that :-)iNaturalist and their project Global Amphibian Blitz are a good starting point!

With iNaturalist you can log any sightings of an animal - from myriapods to amphibians - you've made. This contributes to the understanding of range (and decline in habitat) of the animals you encounter. Valuable information. The IUCN and Smithsonian launched a project called Global Amphibian Blitz. Amphibians around the world are rapidly disappearing. To conserve these fascinating creatures, scientists need everybody's help! By contributing photographs (locations of rare species are obscured) of amphibians along with the dates and locations where you observed them from anywhere in the world. Through the cooperation of scientists and amateur naturalists - like me - from around the globe, we can census the world’s amphibians and find out who’s still here and where do they persist.

If you like to participate too and add your spotted amphibians to the list, please do so! Also your local toad or the tree frog on holidays is valuable. If you don't know the species, they can help determine it for you. There are easy logins through Facebook, Google and Yahoo! so you don't need to create all new accounts and passwords. You can share photos via Flickr and Picasa, though I did not manage to get my Flickr link working yet.

If you want to know how you can make a contribution, watch the video.

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