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Monday, June 6, 2011

National Geographic: Chubby Snipe holds nonstop record

Impressive bird figures in this article; it's like John Goodman winning the New York marathon!

"In a new study, scientists have discovered that great snipes can complete a transcontinental flight across Europe, from Sweden to sub-Saharan Africa, in only two days without resting. The birds traveled roughly 4,200 miles (6,760 kilometers) at an average speed of 60 miles (97 kilometers) an hour."

Lately I have been blogging about birds (in The Netherlands) a bit more. Also about waders like the Godwit (Grutto), that bird is also mentioned in this article. Impressed by those birds, might I become a 'birder'?

World's Fastest Bird? Chubby Snipe Snaps Nonstop Record

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