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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Renamed the blog & random Flickr photos

Since this blog is not just about my long trip to East Africa and my holidays in Madagascar exclusively, I decided to rename the blog. The blog is also about wildlife spotting, nature, biodiversity and wildlife conservation. I changed the old title "Schaapmans' Travels in East Africa & Madagascar" to "Schaapmans' Wildlife Spotting and Travels in East Africa & Madagascar".

In the upper bar of this blog I've always displayed the latest photos from my East Africa and Madagascar trips.

Since my laptop suffered from a severe crash last month, I lost most of my organizer photo catalog. This means I still have all the photos, but not the complete hierarchical taxonomy tree for each animal phylum, order, family and species. And all that's in between. I have to redo all of my organizing and tagging work of the last 1.5 year. Note that I did most of the tagging of 20-30,000 wildlife and travel photos the last 1.5 year. It might take a while before I am up to speed with organizing and be able to publish new photos of Africa.

In the mean time I have published photos of wildlife observed in The Netherlands and other places. I decided to change the photo bar at the top and make sure all photos appear random (not latest) and added a section for other wildlife photos. This way you as a visitor will encounter more interesting photos - I hope - and not see the same photos appearing all the time.

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