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Monday, July 4, 2011

Wishlist: Indian Ocean Reef Guide

I'm working on my birthday wishlist. Previously I mentioned a book about reptiles and amphibians in Madagascar. This book I've also used in Madagascar.

This time I go below the surface. Of the ocean. Helmut Debelius is the authority regarding wildlife in the ocean. What about the Cousteau family? Well Debelius is besides his scientific contributions THE book authority. If you want to have a good field guide about life in the oceans -reefs, nudibranches, fish, crustaceans - you are likely to end up with one of his books.

Ten years ago I bought his Red Sea Reef Guide. And it's heavily used. Before I went to Madagascar in 2008 I was in doubt if I would purchase the Indian Ocean Reef Guide. I would be diving only two days max. So I did not go for it.

When I went to East Africa for 2.5 months in 2009 the plan was to dive on Zanzibar for one or two weeks and possibly on Mafia island too. But unfortunately the book seemed to be sold out both in bookstores and online. Fortunate as well; I already had more than enough kilos of luggage.

Turns out they reprinted it, so it's available again. Hurray. I'll be able to extend my underwater wildlife wisdom - yeah, needed the alliteration. And be able to categorise a bunch of my underwater pictures. Give it up for the Blue Spotted Stingray, the Clearfin Lionfish and Humpback Whales!

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