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Sunday, May 4, 2014

African Buffalos at Sunset - Lake Nakuru (Kenya)

Sometimes it is just fun to add a beautiful picture. Not because it is best to identify all characteristics of an animal. No, just because the whole look and feel is lovely.

African Buffalos at sunset - Lake Nakuru (Kenya)

These photos were taken on Day 6 of my trip through East Africa, on 6 September 2009 at Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya. We had a long day with in the morning a walking excursion to Crescent Island (where the movie Out Of Afica was shot) in Lake Naivasha, in the afternoon driving around Lake Nakuru. These were the last shots made that day. One more time we drove by the shores with the flamingoes in the back. A great sight, before we headed off to our camping spot.

African Buffalos at sunset - Lake Nakuru (Kenya)

The pictures almost look like a HDR image, but it was just shot with low light in the sunset. Still love these shots.

Biological Classification
Even-toed UngulatesEvenhoevigen
Ruminants, Whales and HipposHerkauwers, Walvissen en Nijlpaarden
Bovids: Antelopes, Gazelles, Buffalos, Sheep, CattleHolhoornigen: Antilopen, Gazelles, Buffels, Schapen, Runderen
Cattle, Buffalos, Spiral-horned AntelopesRunderen
African BuffalosAfrikaanse Buffels
Species:Syncerus caffer
African Buffalo or Cape BuffaloAfrikaanse Buffel of Kafferbuffel

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