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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wildscreen Exchange - The new conservation initiative with photos

Attention all Flickr users! Wildscreen - formerly known as ARKive where Schaapmans contributes his photos - is developing an exciting new initiative, the Wildscreen Exchange, and we are looking for contributions. Are you interested in donating images to empower conservation organisations and support their campaigns, education and storytelling? Head on over to the new Wildscreen Exchange Flickr group to find out more.

And what is this Wildscreen Exchange?
Launching Autumn 2014, Wildscreen Exchange will be a unique global hub for all conservation communications. It will empower conservation organisations with free and affordable premium digital media to enable the most inspiring and impactful campaigning, educating and storytelling.
Powered by over 30 years worth of industry relationships, Exchange will position Wildscreen as an honest broker between content creators and conservation organisations, unlocking an unparalleled collection of digital media, providing a toolkit to empower and drive conservation communications with their audiences and amplifying the impact that powerful and emotive imagery can have on raising environmental awareness amongst the mass population.
Of course Schaapmans was one of the early adopters ;-) The 4th member in the group and contributed over 400 photos already (about 95% of all photos). Basically I dumped all photos that are already shared with Encyclopedia Of Life and Wildscreen ARKive to this group. A good initiative: spreading images further than just an organisation or 2. All non-profit organisations that have an interest in biodiversity and nature conservation can now take advantage of this soon huge photo archive.

Spread the news. Spread the photos. Spread the awareness. Spread the knowledge.

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