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Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Day At The Zoo... Or not?

Schaapmans' Wildlife Spotting is mainly about wildlife. Animals out in the wild. I have taken photos in zoos as well and are always aware that captivity is stressful for animals and most species will not particularly thrive in zoos, unfortunately.

Also, the conservation effort and goals many zoos have are effectively just marketing; they only want to display attractive animals, not animals that need the most conservation and can benefit the most from breeding programs. Animals have to be cuddly. If you are ugly and slimy: zoos will not take many steps to keep you from extinction. The efforts and money spent on conservation at zoos is marginal as well. Unfortunately.

The article below is a good read and think again when you visit a zoo. Not all zoos are as bad as the next one, so consider where you are going (if you are going). And remember that the worst of all are the Sea World and Delphinarias (like Dolfinarium in NL). The life expectancy and health of captive dolphins and killer whales is shockingly low...

The Huffington Post: 11 Things You Should Know Before Planning Your Next Trip To The Zoo

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